Clinical Examinations – Complete DVD Series

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~6 hours | English: LPCM, 1536 kb/s (2 ch) | 30.3 GB | Genre: Medicine

Physical examination and clinical diagnosis is the next step after the core subjects of Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology and Differential Diagnosis. Acquiring effective and safe clinical skills is perhaps the most important stage in the clinician’s progression from theory to application. This unique ground-breaking presentation harnesses the use of technology to develop a visual tool that stimulates and enhances learning. This is the complete series of 8 DVDs of patient examinations including general examination, respiratory, cardiovascular, abdominal, peripheral nervous system, cranial nerves, musculoskeletal, case history & differential diagnosis, diagnostic procedures, images, animations.


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3 Responses to “Clinical Examinations – Complete DVD Series”

  1. thanks
    but where Password???

  2. viper says:

    Password is seen inside thw winrar window as the archives are not locked.just have a look at the right side panel of winrar window that pops
    up after you double click the “xxxxx.part1.rar” file of any downloaded file.Anyway pass is “alchemy” or “” or “” or “” (w/o quotes).Thanks.

  3. gozmed med says:

    2 parts of Musculoskeletal are missed

    can any one help!!

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