Steve Nison & Ken Calhoun: Stock Trading Success

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If you’re an active stock trader who’s ever wanted to see the “inner workings” of trading live market charts in realtime…. while confidently seeing our very best trading methods – Steve Nison & Ken Calhoun – Stock Trading Success”.

Now for the first time ever, you’ll “watch the action” happen in front of your very eyes, as you rapidly learn how we spotted realtime chart breakouts, during two complete full-day trading market sessions, all carefully captured in crystal-clear video…

This powerful new system is unlike any other EVER released, because for the first time ever, it captures HOW to use the candle patterns and professional western active trading skills with live “in motion” charts. It’s designed specifically for BOTH swing traders and intraday stock traders. We captured every single nuance of how to trade, step-by-step, for two LIVE market days, using actual market charts as they unfolded, candle by candle, trade by trade, so you can actually see how to trade the patterns yourself with real time market examples.Think of it as the “missing link” that you need to see for street-smart genuine trading skills, explained with easy-to-understand actual charts in action.

DVD Volume 1: “Trading the OPEN: How To Profit From Realtime Gaps & Breakouts”
DVD Volume 2: “You Make The Call”: How To Set Entries And Exits
DVD Volume 3: “Planning Your PROFITS: Hidden Signals For Hot Trades”
DVD Volume 4: “Wall Street’s Secrets: Winning In Realtime Markets”
DVD Volume 5: Trader’s “Breakout Blueprint” for Successful Trades
DVD Volume 6: Traders’ Live “HOT SEATS”: Turning Traders Into Tigers
DVD Volume 7: Rapid-Fire “Crash Course” For Trading LIVE Markets: Instant Immersion
DVD Volume 8: Trading Dynamics: Advanced Strategies For Trading Ahead of the Crowd
DVD Volume 9: Traders’ “Survivors’ Guide”: How To Prosper In Any Market Environment
DVD Volume 10: Top Traders’ Tactics You Never Knew Existed (And How To Profit From Them)
DVD Volume 11: Power Trading Strategies: How To Spot Winning Trades In Realtime Markets
DVD Volume 12: Taking Action Today: Your Trading “Success Accelerators”
Bonus 1: “Candlestick Charting Basics: Spotting The Early Reversals”
Bonus 2: Trading Teleseminars (“Profiting With Candlestick Patterns: What You Don’t Know”, “5 Must-Know Breakout Trend Trading Tactics for 2006″, “How To Improve Your Entries And Exits In 3 Easy Steps”)



ng live market charts in realtime…. while confidently seeing our very best trading methods – Steve Nison & Ken Calhoun – Stock Trading Success”.
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