Drupal Performance & Scalability

Drupal Performance & Scalability

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Want to learn the secrets the pros use for making Drupal scale huge and perform with grace high traffic situations? In Drupal Performance & Scalability, Matt Westgate and James Sansbury teach you all you need to know to get peak performance out of Drupal on the LAMP stack.

* They carefully walk you through both installation and customization of the entire LAMP stack.
* They go over the highly-optimized Pressflow distribution of Drupal.
* They teach you how to benchmark your site’s performance, how to install many types of caching layers and how to optimize each layer of your server infrastructure.
* They even teach you all about things like CDN integration, APC, Varnish, Memcache and other caching layers within Drupal and MySQL.
* They discuss scaling strategies, looking at hardware topologies for both co-located and cloud infrastructures.
* They teach you how to isolate performance bottlenecks and cover strategies for monitoring.
* They also go over some of the changes in Drupal 7 and the next release of Pressflow.

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